Allergies and Bed Linen

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today I was going to take a break from working and go to IKEA for the sale on bed linens. We go a few inches of snow overnight and now I am not sure I am going to go. IKEA is about a half and hour or so from were I live and I am not sure I want to be out there with the crazies!

I think I might have to get some allergy mattress covers for my bed and see if that gets rid of some of those dust mites. I was reading one article and it said that dust mites can appear on your pillows in as little as six weeks! Yikes! I remember a story OPRAH did a few years ago and they showed all the bugs a person most likely has in their pillows, and yuck!

This is a video from CNN and OPRAH that aired years ago

I thought this video was funny at the end, when they interviewed a lady about having dust mites in her bed and she didn't want to be seen on camera!


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