>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reading the finance section on YAHOO everyday can be, well, kind of a drag. I am looking for the positives in the economy but they just keep printing article after article that makes a person not want to spend ANY money at all. Which in a result just takes the economy down even more! Even people who have money to spend are not going to want to spend!

Do you find it takes the wind out of your sails when you read or watch these reports on TV?
Sometimes I go to the store and make a purchase and feel guilty and take it back.
That must be the frugalness (is that a word?) coming out in me! I am also a
practical person too! I am not perfect though I have my moments of "Throwing frugality to the wind"!
I have to go shopping now, let's hope that doesn't happen today at the store!

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