The $69.00 cup of mocha!

>> Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My microwave broke. I am not sure if I am going to get it fixed. It was very expensive back in 1977 when my parents bought it! I am wondering if it is something simple though. In the meantime, I went and bought a new microwave for $69.00 at Lowes. I really only use it to heat up water for mocha drinks and also I make my breakfast in it. I guess I do use it more for other things like frozen dinners too.

I really was thinking of getting a convection oven before this broke. I spotted one at Lowes for $49.00 and I think I am going to get it as well. I haven't had a toaster in years and I really don't cook, but I think I would get good use out of one of these, and save a bit of money too!

For example, I buy the Lean Cuisine dinners and eat them for lunch, but if I had this convection oven I might just make a grilled cheese sandwich. The food would also not be so processed which would be healthier! They also use a lot less energy than a regular oven. I really don't use my regular oven anyways though since it is really old and I am concerned about the wiring.


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