Another Project and Cleaning again

>> Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yesterday I finished another freelance project and dropped it off at the office. Things are really slowing down though. I do have some money owed to me from previous projects and I can only get a small amount at a time every payday (which is this week). It is probably just as well, at least I'll have a paycheck coming in for the quiet times. It is not a lot of money but I'll take it!

I have not been as successful with the cleaning and organizing. I am once again overwhelmed! I know I just need to start small and just do it! I seem to find an excuse one way or another to get out of the house, whether it is going grocery shopping, or Walmart, Target or one of those. I am a time waster! I am living in a fantasy world! I know these things about myself. I have big plans to do things and then when I start to do it I get bored or something. Then the perfectionist neat freak side of me gets mad at the procrastinator side of me and I give up! It really is just a matter of making decisions for me and I am avoiding it that's all. It is sooooo much easier to put things off to another day sometimes! The great thing is I know this and it really does give me a start to identify why I act this way.

Spring is on its way, and I am not going to want to be inside on those gorgeous days cleaning YUCK!


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