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>> Tuesday, February 3, 2009

OK I admit it, I shop at Walmart sometimes. I know a lot of people can't stand Walmart, and I am not sure what I think of the store, except that it is hard to shop somewhere else sometimes when you know for a fact that you can get it at Walmart for less!

Their clothes are really inexpensive and that is obvious in how well they wear. But for me that is OK sometimes because I always seem to wreck my clothes by spilling something on them, or wearing them outdoors to do work, or my water ruins them because I have well water.

Their groceries are usually less at Walmart, and I know I save money there as well. I used to shop at Kmart alot but not so much anymore since the store by my house moved to a new location. Then they did a store make over and the place just seemed kind of dumpy after that.

For better clothes I like to shop at Target. I bought some really nice colorful long sleeve tshirts for 50% off the other day. Really can you beat $5.00 for a nice shirt?

The store that has baffled me lately is Sears. I must admit I have not shopped there much through the recent years, although in my childhood we did. And I always loved looking at the Sears catalogs! Now Sears is having financial problems (who isn't right?) But I don't want them to fail! I want to be loyal to Sears and shop there but their prices are just too high! Sears is trying to compete in a higher end market in my opinion. They need to lower their prices so they can be somewhere in the middle of Walmart and Macy's for instance.

Come on Sears listen up! This is your time to make it again!

I'm just saying.


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