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>> Thursday, March 19, 2009

One thing I guess I have known all along is that you do have to spend money sometimes for important things that you really should not blow off!

Like the dentist. I can't tell you the last time I had my teeth cleaned and even if I did, who would really want to know! So I had my teeth cleaned today. I also had x rays done which again has been awhile. So there goes about $400.00. But I need about $2000.00 more dollars worth of work done. The big expense is a crown for the root canal that I had done about 5 years ago. I just could not afford it after the root canal and I was in major credit card debit of around $14,000.00 ( I am happy to say I don't have the credit card debt at this point kind of, read on!).

So I had to put the $400.00 on my credit card along with another $400.00 of a bill I found out my insurance does not cover for allergy testing. I also found out I have another bill of around $500.00 on the way, again for the second part of the allergy testing. As far as the dentist, maintenance is very important and I plan on going to get my teeth cleaned regularly from now on. I am going to have to slowly work on getting cavities done, one wisdom tooth pulled and of course the big crown! Yikes! What I really want is my teeth whitened so people will say I have a pretty smile :)!

But for now I have to settle for this I guess. At least I am taking some action.

I think I have been so involved in my legal battles, I have just put everything off thinking things would be finished soon etc. I can't wait for that anymore. I have to move on with my life the best I can. I just hope I have some money left after all the legal business is done with!


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